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so we finally got the pre-release and wow the headstart was amazing the best 5 days in a long time I picked the lancer to be my main going over the same quests was a little repetitive and slightly boring but in the group we had a Mystic (Tally) a Archer (carl)  and a Sorcerer(dred) and we pushed through them with reletive speed and ease coming upon the main city  I created the guild Darkened and invited everyone to join we finally had the beginings of something amazing. The inital response to the guild advert was awesome people joined seeing that we were a serious group of players we made many a new friend and other guildies who are a little shy and hope that they will open up once the events begin.
Off we went with our guild under our belts and high spirits the quests have been interesting and not too samey which is refreshing to see the landscape is beautiful and the monster fearfull. we hit our first dungeon at 20 which was Secret base our initial visit was slightly marred by the attempt of a slayer playing tank whilst I had a problem with that as I was the tank it ran fairly smoothly the bosses went down one by one and we had finally cleared it which pleased the group greatly since the beta where it crashed on the last boss.

Sinestral Manor was up next at level 26 and was beautiful to look at the a challenge as it was a multi level dungeon we downed all but the last boss due to the late hour and we just couldnt understand the mechanics first time we took the group we took one of our guildies Dranoc another fellow archer and Zoa again an archer and we put up a good fight since the monsters where hard and a challenge the next day we had found out the mechanics and went back a little better geared and a little wiser the smoothest run we had by far bosses fell and no trouble at all a piece of gold gear was obtained for myself and the next day it was the end of the headstart today we have all sat here quite lost with what to do with ourselves other members have joined us on vent and we have had a giggle but we all know that were clock watching for 11am tomorrow to come then we can all jump back in and get working on the guild and our characters till then toodles for now
Zoa having some fun with 15 elin oh dear :P

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