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So I've been hiding for a while doing the head start and hit 29 on my mystic. I find the class really hard to master in terms of combo's and annoying as hell trying to encourage people to pick up orbs, to heal themselves. Which BTW Velika is my new server, and Darkened guild is my new home, so pop by and check us out sometime.

One of the hardest things, is the ability to move out of the way and heal yourself fast enough. Through the first few runs of Secret Base/Bastion of Lok, i managed to get thwacked by the boss several times, trying to run to the tank to drop an orb under him. Lesson learnt and mistake never made again. However, saying that another awesome ability i found mystics have is the ability to dispel buffs off enemies, but this requires you to run 8yds to the mob/boss and dispel, again putting yourself in danger. The zombie popori in SM was a prime example of this, when he summons millions of baby zombie popori and I'm trying to run into the suicidal exploding things trying to dispel the boss, well you can imagine the panic i had. Luckily though through teleport jaunt or blink as i prefer, i was able to get back out of a safe distance, with thrall of life bound to the combo, pressing space summoned it and healed me.

Leveling with a group of friends, is the most fun and the most annoying thing in the world, i don't think i actually used one of my damage spells till i was like level 14 or something cos they ran in and killed for me, with an archer and lancer/warrior running round with me i couldn't even get a look in.

One thing i am going to do is level another mystic, purely to learn the damage side of her, as atm I've
leveled with these guys, healings really all I'm good for, and as a life long healer in most mmo's it's a job I'm happy to do.

In terms of crafting/enchanting etc I've really not delved into those sides too well, I've been running around gathering, and stocking up the guild bank, but it's something come official release I'm hoping to expand more on.

At the moment this game seems far too skilled for a player like me, the movement system, combo system and even basics of the game, seem unlike anything I've done before, but I'm going to keep at it, and hope i begin to enjoy it alot more, and maybe start becoming really good at it.

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    I'm 25, and I've been a gamer for maybe 10years now. I've played several MMO's, and I'll be the first to admit, I'm no expert, but i know what i like, and i know what can keep me entertained for a while.


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