As you'll see alot of information has gone up in the last few days, and i will tell you now, I've learnt more about the game doing this, than i did the time i spent on beta.

I've already decided through reading the class/race history and stuff, that I'm going to play high elf mystic. No chance in hell of me changing my mind! I don't want a nasty little hentai kitten (lol) or a cute fluffy animal, so watch out world here i come.

I've read a few posts already regarding the difference between priest and mystic healing, i must say most of you are leaning towards the priest class being better healers! Well I'm determined to prove you wrong, come 14hours time (well it'll be 17 or so for me by the time i get online from work and stuff) my little mystic will be rockin' and rollin'.

I must admit amongst my 2 friends joining the game with me, we all seem to have fallen in love with a specific class/race and it works. I'm deeply surprised at how easy we were able to choose, maybe because between us we have the years experience equal to a middle aged man, maybe because we're adults and not what we want or maybe because we're just that awesome we know what we want. lol

I hope come tomorrow that I'm as excited as i am now, and not screaming cos there's 10 people ninja'ing my mobs, but no doubt you'll get updated as i go.

We're now 4 days away from official release.

Please check out the class guides currently a work in progress, and the race guides, to see what combo you want your character to be.
Remember to check out aswell as our website for helpful tips and guides on choosing the right class for you.

But please remember head start get a level cap of 36, and only allowed 8 characters on one server. oh and don't forget anyone buying the collectors edition, you won't get any of your items until the game goes "live"
This is my first post regarding Tera-Europe and it comes about an hour after open beta servers shut down.
A few of us decided to embark on the beta, and see what this game has to offer, some of us decided this game was pretty unique compared to other MMO's and have all decided to buy the game on pre-release, i myself found the game very difficult and hard to grasp, (I'll explain more another time.) however, after several hours playing the game grew on me, and I've decided i too, will be buying it.

First thing i did was go to and check out the races and classes, now, as you'll soon begin to understand, I'm the typical female gamer, i want the prettiest race and the coolest class. However, upon looking at the classes available, i fell in love with the mystic. A class that can heal and damage omg!!! So then i looked at the races, and for once i looked at racials (as well as which one looked hottest) and found the high elf.  Tera- Europe Official Class/Race guide

After the initial OMG moment of being able to create my class, and change pretty much every feature of my character, i walked into the world. Now the prelude is awesome (you'll find i use this word alot) and if you haven't done it before it's definitely worth doing, however, after the 2nd character you make, you really don't need to redo the prelude just jump on into the start zone.

Now i hate saying this game is better than that, or visa versa, but this game, doesn't seem to compare to other similar mmo's out there *Cough* World of Warcraft *Cough*. It has it's own unique play style which takes features from other games, combining it into one pretty awesome (see) game.

If you've not been lucky enough to get onto the Beta, the pre-release starts 28th April, and official release is 3rd May. I think you'll find it's definitely worth checking out.

Next time, god knows what I'll write about, it'll probably make you're eyes go blurry, as i take you with me from level 1 to whatever (Level cap is 60) and guide you with my own tips along the way.


    I'm 25, and I've been a gamer for maybe 10years now. I've played several MMO's, and I'll be the first to admit, I'm no expert, but i know what i like, and i know what can keep me entertained for a while.


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