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Ok so the past 3 days have been an utter blast as you can imagine I am fiercely hooked upon this game but lets start at the beginning before I just rant about how great a game is.. So three days ago I was informed about this new MMO released by ubisoft and that they had an open beta over the weekend and if I would like to play. Being a World of Warcraft player naturally I was skeptical of anything that would contest but I would entertain the idea for a while at least just to see what the next "WoW killer" had in store. I hit the website and studied each of the 7 classes and was quite curious by them all the 7 races where verging between entertaining, dark and sinister to the light and airy Initially I had picked out the Castanic Archer but later digressed to playing a PoPori Sorcerer.

After many hours of waiting for the install to download and patch I was in now I was excited met by the video introduction that taught me a bit of story line and showed me some of what I was to expect upon the world I was about to enter I clicked quickly noting that I could use my Razer Onza to play the game which at its best made me all the more intrigued about the game creating the character Decaydance ( the Castanic Archer) was amazing the variation was exceptional you really could go into depth with the facial construction to make it as different from anyone else giving you a unique avatar to wander the world in so after a few minutes I was ready a life look alike Castanic me was ready to roam the world.

Ok so the loading screen was up and bang I was in but I wasn't level 1? I was born into a character of level 20 they had a prelude area and wow it was amazing to give me a feel of exactly how the character would feel upon reaching higher levels the controls began a little clunky often finding it hard to guide myself around via the Onza but after a while it came like a second nature I was able to gracefully execute foes with deathly precision after killing a few mindless zombies carrying pick axes and torches I was confronted with a huge behemoth of a monster that a group of NPC's where locked in combat with naturally I jumped in and had a few shots myself to help them down it quicker.

Upon leaving that area I was crammed back into my level 1 character and soon joined the rest of the world and the other players in the realm I soon hooked up with Talies ( my Mystic friend) and chunkycarl (my Slayer/Archer buddy) soon to be followed by Inversed ( my strange sexually challenged friend he playes a girl and is a guy) and Dred ( our Tank Lancer) we tackled many a quest which I shall go into greater details come release as a) I cant remember it and b) it may change slightly.

But for now the 5 of us are now quite enamoured with the game and cant wait till these 4 days pass us by so we can get back in there and kick butt for goodness :) till next post take care guys

Craig aka Decaydance

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